Cyber Security

Cyber Security


Your Data Locally Stored

Cyber security is a term used to describe all aspects of security of your IT infrastructure. This includes your Antivirus system, Email spam protection, reliable encrypted data backups, card payment protection, data encryption and anything else that is vulnerable to malicious activity. Today’s IT has become very sophisticated and consequently has more exposure to vulnerabilities. Simply having an Antivirus program is not enough.



Liabilities that need to be taken into consideration include:

Network Hacking
Malicious Email Spam
Deceptive websites
Credit Card fraud
Internet Hacking
Reliable offsite backups

There are varying degrees of vulnerabilities to an IT system. Some malicious activity just targets data extraction while the more serious activities can steal your clients credit cards details or other sensitive information.


Ransomware is particularly damaging. It encrypts your data rendering it useless unless you pay them to unencrypt it. In many cases, you pay the fee and they don’t bother to unencrypt it for you. The only grace you would have is to restore from a backup.

Here at Brandan Computers Solutions we provide a free audit of your system to see if you have any vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. We can also discuss with you staff on how to identify potentially misleading emails and websites or put in place systems to prevent them being deceived. Prevention is always the best form of protection.