Local Cloud Backups

Local Cloud backups

Your Data Locally Stored

The ability to back up your data to a data centre instead of the tradition tape or mobile drive method has been a growing trend in recent years. This has been helped by the ever-increasing speeds of the internet. The solution is very attractive and can provide piece of mind in the event of system downtime or data lose. Hardware can be replaced but your data is irreplaceable.

Many Cloud based hosting companies offer remote offsite backups designed to back up your data or virtual servers to an undisclosed location. Some also provide the ability to run your virtual server from a data centre and configure remote access to staff members.


We do offer the same but we take it a step further. We have our own Data Storage servers based within our offices. Our client’s backup to these storage servers and in turn we back them up to our Microsoft Azure data storage centres.

We thought this through. In a disaster scenario, the most important objective is how quickly can you get back online. Because we physically have a backup of your server in house we can restore virtual servers to existing or new hardware on the same day as the disaster. If your data is large and is stored at a data centre the options would be to download the backup over the internet which could literally take days, or and if the vender is willing, drive up to the data centre to collect your data on a mobile drive. This all means downtime. Some venders also charge you to download your data.

We apply the same encryption techniques and provide 24/7 site security in the same way as data centre do.